Important Factors In Youth Development

An essential part of growing up to be a well rounded, well adjusted and morally sound adult is the experiences an individual goes through as a youth. Childhood is a vulnerable time, as young minds develop and are sculpted by the ideas and behaviors that surround them. Helping to guide youth toward making healthy, wise decisions that will further their potential and assure that the path to their future remain open and bright is a necessity. Today's children will be tomorrow's leaders- our presidents, our doctors, our lawyers, our pastors. It will be their decisions that forge the future path of our nation. As adults, it is our duty to help children develop both physically and mentally by guiding them in the right direction and helping them to understand the way that both positive and negative choices can affect their lives.

One factor that is deeply important to youth development is the level of activity and engagement in which a child participates. Youth who are involved in social groups, clubs and sports teams at school form a sense of camaraderie and learn to work together with others in a cooperative environment. Giving a child a hobby or an interest can create a lifelong passion, and fostering a talent that is unique and special to a child will boost their self esteem and put them on a path to success. Making sure that youth are engaged in activities with people their own age that are supervised by responsible adults who give them room to learn and grow as individuals is key in the healthy development of youth.

Part of guiding youth in the course of healthy development is to help them understand the impact of their decisions, both right and wrong. Children are often ignorant of the far reaching implications that seemingly simple choices can have. In most cases, they have not been exposed to the kind of decision making that has serious lifelong consequences. Learning how to make good decisions and avoid bad decisions is an essential part of human development. Leading children by example and teaching them with the use of real life scenarios can help them to make positive choices and avoid going down dangerous paths. Children must be educated on the dangers of abusing drugs and alcohol. Addiction and the lifelong physical and mental struggles that accompany it are not something that many children understand or are exposed to. As such, teaching children about the consequences of drug and alcohol abuse in a youth appropriate way is essential to their healthy development.

Finally, an essential part of youth guidance is to emphasize the importance of continuing education. Not all children enjoy school- in fact, many find it frustrating and boring, often wishing that they did not have to go. It is important for children to understand the kind of struggles they would face without an education. Teaching children the importance of completing a high school education is absolutely necessary. In addition, encouraging children to consider what they would like to do in the future and talking to them about the possibility of higher education in that field is an important part of guiding their developing minds in a positive direction.